Benefietveiling oneMen

Veilingonemen was a fundraising event set up by six students from the Hogeschool Leiden. The goal was to raise money for charity of choice and won an award for the most money raised by a single group.

The website was designed and programmed single handedly by Luke Paris (Paradoxis) within one night entirely from scratch as it was a last-minute call, and gave the team a big boost as part of their social media campaign.

Project credits: Nina Paris, Daniel de Graaf, Claire Broekman, Kelly van Zuijdam, Joey Bol, Juliette van der Lelij. A live demo of the website is available here (Former domain:, for a copy of the source code; please contact me to receive a product key.


To install the website, simply copy the files into an existing webserver and navigate to the home page /index.php. There are no further requirements for installing it as it is entirely static.


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