Hackathon Nijmegen 2015

End product that was created at the Hackathon organized by Hackathon Masters. The goal of the hackathon was to create an application that with the theme 'Connecting Sports and Events'.

My responsibility was to create a working PHP backend API that would allow communication with an andoid app and a web-client. Note: as we had 48 hours to create a DEMO application, we did not think about security, a real product would never allow requests as an unauthorised person.

The code is publicly avaiable on Bitbuckethere or you can download it here.


To install the app (healthpath.apk) you must first enable apps from untrusted sources on your android device, download the app onto your device via the built in browser and then open it with a file browser to install it.

To install the web-client you must first have a Linux based server set up with MySQL, PHP and the PhalconPHP framework, set passwords in the database scripts and edit the configuration files in /web/app/config/config.php, execute the database installation script and import all the files into a virtualhost and make sure /web/public/ is set up as the default public webroot.


Current version 1.0.0
Language PHP, Phalcon, Android
License See Bitbucket


File Version Hash (sha1)
healthpath.apk 1.0.0 fbd439b78ba7394268bfc3c6bb6c3910e8361887
source.zip 1.0.0 29ebca90f5237229cf0b8893dfc99569929adf86


File: healthpath.apk
Version: 1.0.0
Summary: Initial release


Dashboard - appointments page


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