Paradoxis title



My name is Luke Paris I'm a Dutch software engineer working in the cyber security field. In my spare time I write software to aid other developers or to make things easier for myself, I also regularly participate in hackathons to boost my creativity and share ideas with other people.

I'm currently gearing towards becoming an all-round penetration tester, as my strengths include the ability to quickly identify and patch security holes which other developers might have missed.


If you wish to see the projects I've made, you can click down below for a preview of all the major projects which I have released for free. Any source code that I have released will also become available on my Github.

If however you wish to see source code of a certain project which I haven't released publicly, please send me a message via the contact form down below with a reason why you wish to have a copy.


As a developer, I try to learn as many programming languages as I possibly can to expand my knowledge base. I have a thorough understanding of Python, JavaScript and PHP. In addition to that I also have a good understanding of C, C#, Java and know the basics of Assembly and C++.

In my spare time, I like to experiment by writing new and challenging code. I also try to expand my knowledge about security by performing penetration tests inside a controlled environment on my local network. This helps me understand how external attackers operate and how I can prevent my own software from being compromised.